Sport and Nature at Hotel Viticcio on Elba Island

Sports on the isle of elba: Trekking

Walking along Elba’s trails is like retracing the long history of its inhabitants: a journey into the past to discover ancient villages, prehistoric caves, Etruscan furnaces and forts. We will take you to visit the granite caves which have supplied columns and monuments since ancient Rome or the disused mines where iron has been mined in a succession of surreal colours, admiring scenery which allow you to relive the age of the Saracen raids, the battle fields, the fortifications and towns destroyed and now forgotten.

But the true charm of trekking on this island is the uniqueness and variety of its scenery, its colours and scents: within a few kilometres over 150 of the 200 known geological species (some of which are discovered for the first time right Elba) can be found, giving rise to different beaches, coastlines and landscapes: in a few hours’ walk you can admire the many varieties of flora passing from coastal vegetation through to the sandy or rocky beaches with the flowers and perfumes of rosemary, lavender, juniper, myrtle and arbutus to the typical Mediterranean vegetation like oak, chestnut and conifer woods, which rise to the very peak of the mount Capanne Massif. It is suffice to say that there are over 40 species of orchids, some of which native. Walking on Elba you’ll both discover and learn this and more…

Discover the isle of elba in kayak

If not at Elba then where? Elba with its 147km of indented rocky coastline, stunning caves and coves, small bays, it is the ideal place for enthusiasts or for those who want to practice sea canoeing. The emotions that this island can give are unique and unrepeatable as are the variety of landscapes you will encounter in the silence of navigation. Paddling on the clear waters where your kayak seems suspended between sea and sky you will see white pebble beaches and coastlines in tropical hues, golden beaches, granite cliffs, a landscape where the green vegetation seems to dive into the blue sea. In the crevices and corners of the exclusive coast accessible only by sea.

You can approach cormorants and marangons, splendid, friendly and curious royal sea gulls or the smaller Corsican sea gull. The Kayaks of the ‘Viottolo’ excursion center are designed for sea excursions and equipped with watertight compartments in order to bring on board camera equipment, luggage, tents and sleeping bags for longer trips.


For your holiday this summer, not just sea, beach and leisure: in fact, you will have the opportunity to participate in some sports activities in close contact with nature and the sea on the island. We have prepared for suggestive excursions: trekking, kayaking and snorkeling several days of the week from late May to mid September. The tours will start and will take place at locations in and around our hotels, the nearby beaches, the beach of Marina di Campo and the most characteristic trails which are easy and fun, adapt for all ages. In cooperation with the guides of the environmental center hiking ‘Il Viottolo”, you will be able to, from time to time, devote a good half a day on the most spectacular trails and the most beautiful beaches… walking, swimming and paddling whilst immersed in the pure, and immaculate nature, full of life and charm just waiting to be discovered.

Some of activities for our guests.

Trekking on Enfola – Departure from the beach of Enfola. Length 4.5 km. Difficulty Level- Easy. Duration 3 hours. Together we will start from the square in front of the former Tuna processing plant, now the seat of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, and conquer Mount Enfola and all its hidden wonders. During the excursion we will be able to observe the characteristic vegetation of the Mediterranean, explore the World War Two bunkers until we reach the viewpoint of the “ship” where Jonathan lives with his family. In the company of our friend, we will make a brief stop for a snack, before returning to the starting point.

Sea Kayak – The beaches of the Argonauts and “The Ship”. Leaving the beach we start our tour with the spectacular circumnavigation of the peninsula of Enfola and the passage around the Rock of the Argonauts Faraglione. From here we will paddle along the white beaches (neuritis) of the north where we will see the many colonies of Royal Sea Gulls that live on these cliffs. After a swimming break we will return to the base immersed in spectacular colours.

Sea Kayak – The Second World War Batteries. Paddling offshore to the west, we will be able to observe the military bunkers and trenches dating back to World War II, dug into the very cliffs. Then we will reach the marina, a small and shady cove, sheltered from all winds, and for these purposes used by the Etruscans as a port more than two thousand years ago. After rounding the tip of the Cape Guardiola, we will arrive at Procchio beach, here we will stop for the bathroom and then, after skirting the coast, we will return to the starting point.

Snorkeling. Enjoy the incredible, daily snorkelling trips. Departing from the beaches we can discover the colourful underwater world and the local, marine life. It will be an unforgettable experience for all ages. Thanks to the environmental guides who will accompany you discover the marine environment (sea grass, sand and rock) and the animals that live there (fish, sea urchins, etc…)

For information, program details and cost, please ask the reception of the Hotel.

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